Road Lesson cancellation policy:

If for any reason a student needs to cancel a road lesson, we request a 48 hour notice in order to fill that open spot. Upon cancellation, it is not guaranteed that you will receive another road lesson right away. Your next road lesson will depend on the availability of the instructor. If a student fails to cancel before the 48 hour time frame, they will still be able to reschedule but will be charged $40 for the missed lesson. 

Driver's Education Course


In the state of Massachusetts, it is required that you complete the following in order to be eligible for a driver education certificate:

  • 30 hours classroom instruction

  • 12 hours behind the wheel

  • 6 hours observation

  • 2 hour parent class

A student must complete the driver education program within 2 years from the first session in the program (both classroom and on road instruction).​

To begin the classroom portion of the program, the student must be at least 15 years and 9 months of age.

To begin on road instruction, the student must be 16 years of age and have a valid learner's permit.

  • Full Classroom attendance is required to complete Drivers Education. If you miss a class you will be asked to make up that class on a specified date. If more than 2 classes are missed, we will ask you to retake the entire class on a different date.

  • Students/Staff are required to wear a mask during in person class and driving lessons.

We would like to remind you of a few things before On-Road lessons start.


  • On each and every lesson, the student will need their permit. We will NOT take the student out if they do not have their permit with them. Copies of the permit will NOT be accepted. If a student does not have their permit, it will result in a missed appointment and you will be charged.


  •  Students will be picked up and dropped off AT HOME unless the lesson is directly after school. Students may be picked up and/or dropped off elsewhere.


  • We ask that you please call before 1:00 PM on the day of the lesson.


  • Pickup/Drop Offs must be in the same town as your home.


  •  We ask for a 48-hour cancellation notice. If it is less than 48 hours, there will be a $50 missed appointment fee for a one hour lesson and $70 if it is a 2 hour lesson. If the student is sick the morning of a lesson or is sent home from school sick, there will be no missed appointment fee.


  •  When all lessons are scheduled, we can let you know about our upcoming license tests. If you are fully booked and have a license test scheduled but you need to cancel/reschedule a lesson, your license test may be affected depending on the date of the rescheduled lesson. 


  • Students outside North Andover, Andover, Lawrence and Methuen will need to be dropped off and picked up at North Andover Auto School.



If your son/daughter is taking the license test with us, please be aware of the following information.


  • Any License Test that we may request or put a student on is NO GUARANTEE that the RMV will give us that date. It may be likely that the test be moved to any day during Friday to Monday of the requested weekend or cancelled by RMV at will. Again, we DO NOT have any control over dates and times. We typically make requests for tests with the registry twice a month.


The RMV has recently changed the requirements that we must follow in order to schedule Saturday (weekend) License Tests. So if you want to be on our list for a particular Weekend, you must follow these requirements:


1)  Classroom, Driving, Observation & Parent Class must be completed TWO WEEKS in advance of any License Test date.


2)   If you are not taking the license test with our school, you will still be responsible to pay the $15 driver’s ed certificate fee.


3)  $125 payment to Merrimack Valley Auto School 2 weeks before the test for the Road Test Sponsor Fee which includes the $15 Driver's Ed certificate fee.


4)  The RMV is also requiring that NO financial transactions take place during the

Weekend License Testing. Therefore, all fees must be paid in advance along with the RMV License and Road Test fees. So you will be required to contact the RMV prior to the test either by phone, online or in person at one of their branches to pay these fees, OR go back to an RMV branch after the test to pay for and process the License.


In Summary:


1)  Requirements done 3 weeks before test


2)  $125 payment to Merrimack Valley Auto School 2 weeks before the test.

3)  You may go ONLINE to PREPAY the RMV fees (typically $85) before the test at the website: or go 

to one of the local RMV branches. RMV FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN OUR $85 



Reminder notices will be sent home over the Student's lessons. If fees are not received in time, the license test date may be affected.


On the day of the License Test, you must bring your son/daughter to Merrimack Valley Auto School. We will meet at the back of the building. Someone from the office will call THE WEEK OF the license test with times for the test and information on what to bring with you.